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What we offer


B12, Biotin, MIC and Glutathione Intramuscular Injections Book a consultation with our Injection Specialist and together customize a plan to make you feel and look your best! Your 1ST consultation includes a B12 Injection.*

Vitamin Injections are safe and generally have no negative side effects, even in higher at doses. Some patients may experience some redness and swelling / mild bruising at the injection site, but will diminish shortly after.

Our Injections do not sting or burn and our Vitamin Injection Specialist prides herself on taking care of each patients needs on an individual basis and providing everyone the best possible treatment.

What is the difference between Vitamin Injections & Taking Oral supplements?


Oral pills must first be digested before the body can put the nutrient to work. A significant portion of the nutrient is lost during the absorption process. When taken orally, you only receive 10-15% of the Oral Vitamin vs. Vitamin Injection is 100% absorbed.

Since a moderate amount of the vitamin is lost during absorption, individuals must take far more than the recommended daily intake to see any results; Huge pills multiple times a day, every day compared to a once week injection. Most people struggle to remember daily doses of vitamins – especially on a long-term, ongoing basis. Meaning your vitamin stores will not replenish and you will not see any benefits!

With an injection, 100% of the nutrient is utilized by the body. Vitamins are administered directly into the bloodstream, bypassing any need for digestion.

If you have an illness that affects the digestive system – like celiac disease or other intestinal issue – your body won’t be able to use the nutrient from an oral pill.

NO PTNS (Post Traumatic Needle Syndrome) Less time than IV Therapies, still just as beneficial.

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