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Naturopathic Consultation



This complimentary appointment provides you with the opportunity to share your primary health concerns and learn more about how Dr. Jutai can create a tailored program just for you.


In this appointment, which is required for all new patients, we will cover your primary concerns, health history, risk factors, and health goals. While it might seem like a lot of information to cover, you will leave the first appointment with a plan in hand.



In this follow-up appointment, we will go over whether or not your current treatment plan is working and, if needed, make some changes to help you meet your goals. If you have any questions about what the plan is, this appointment will also give you the opportunity to ask them so you can learn more about your conditions and the treatments offered. Consultations times range from 30-60 minutes and range in pricing. Please refer to our front desk for pricing or Dr. Jutai when in your initial consultation.


Dr. Jutai addresses your health through comprehensive functional medicine testing and a complete lifestyle assessment. During your first appointment, you and Dr. Jutai will cover many subjects, including:

  • Your current concern
  • Your comprehensive health history, such as risk factors that affect your health or your health goals
  • The underlying causes of your health disruptions
  • Your individualized positive lifestyle, nutritional, and supplemental regimens

On top of all of that, Dr. Jutai will help you better understand your body's physiology and, when required, refer you to other healthcare professionals and agencies who can best serve you.

If you are interested in working with Dr. Jutai book a complimentary meet and greet today.