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Mistletoe A Beneficial Supplement in Integrative Cancer Therapy

Mistletoe Therapy – a Key Part of Complementary Cancer Therapy Complementary cancer therapy encompasses measures that accompany and supplement standard oncological therapies (such as surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and hormonal therapy). Complementary measures do not aim to replace standard therapies, but rather to reduce their side effects and to improve the patient’s quality of life. Mistletoe therapy is at the heart of complementary cancer therapy – it is the measure most frequently used. The mistletoe has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times: externally for wounds, ulcers, and diseases of the spleen, and internally for gynecological disorders and seizures (epilepsy). Since 1917, mistletoe products in the form of injections have also been used in complementary cancer therapy. Over the years, the special manufacturing process has developed further, thus progressively increasing therapeutic efficiency. Mistletoe therapy has a positive effect on the patient’s immune system and quality of life, and has been shown to improve tolerance of standard therapies rendering it more relevant today than ever before.

Mistletoe Therapy – Mode of Action Mistletoe therapy acts on many levels: On the one hand, it boosts the immune system by multiplying and activating the immune cells. On the other, mistletoe therapy can induce apoptosis (the process of natural cell death) in tumor cells which results in the inhibition of tumor growth. Healthy tissue is not adversely affected by this. On the contrary: Immune cells and other healthy cells are protected against further injury, e.g. damage caused by cytostatic drugs. Patients report that mistletoe therapy signifi cantly improves their quality of life. For example: • Improved general well-being • Less fatigue, especially during and after chemotherapy • Less nausea • Improved appetite • Less pain sensation, so fewer painkillers and sedatives are needed • Less frequent depressive moods This mode of action makes mistletoe therapy a key supplement to standard oncological therapy.

When Can Mistletoe Therapy Be Started? In general, mistletoe therapy can be started at any time. The best time would be right after the tumor is diagnosed. Mistletoe therapy can support patients going through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy – it can help reduce, or even prevent, possible adverse reactions.

How Can I Find Out More? If you have other general questions about mistletoe therapy, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to discuss medical questions about Helixor mistletoe products with your Naturopathic doctor.