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Laser Hair Reduction

Here, at Sereno Wellness, We have treated hundreds of patients since opening our doors in 2010, employing our vast background of experience with regard to safety. We offer different laser devices for laser hair removal based on the various skin types.

To be hairless and ensure that you get the utmost best treatment, we have the most advanced lasers on the market to deal with all different hair and skin types. Using various true lasers and IPL machine to make sure the job is done right.

Request a consultation online to learn more about enjoying smooth skin without the fuss of regular tweezing and waxing. During your visit to our office, all of your laser hair removal treatments options will be explained and all your questions will be answered. You can also call 604-560-8040 to schedule your treatment appointments.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

This treatment offers a number of advantages for women and men who want an effective alternative and lasting solution for unwanted hair.

- Safe
- Effective
- No downtime
- No need to shave, wax or tweeze
- How Laser Hair Removal Works

We use the Fotona, which is a high-performance Nd:YAG laser system with FRAC3®* technology. This innovative system introduces a new standard of efficiency in providing safe and effective hair reduction. Unlike other wavelengths, only Nd:YAG is safe to use on all skin types. Fotona’s innovative system effectively targets the pigment located in the hair follicles while leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected.

*FRAC3® is a three-dimensional treatment effect that seeks out minuscule, age-related imperfections in skin tissue. With FRAC3® more surrounding tissue remains unaffected, ensuring faster healing and less patient downtime compared to conventional fractional treatments.

What to Expect

Most patients can expect a significant reduction of 50% to 80% or better. The success of hair reduction treatments depends largely on a patient’s skin and hair type. Hair is natural to your body and grows in stages so in practice, no laser destroys all of the follicles. Some are destroyed while others are reduced to finer, lighter regrowth and/or prolonged dormancy.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Multiple treatments at consistent intervals provide the best results. Treatment intervals can vary depending on the hair cycle growth patterns in that area of the body. It is possible that with a sufficient number of treatments, true “permanent hair reduction” can ultimately be achieved, but not for every single hair present in a given area. Age, ethnicity, weight, metabolism, medication, and hormones all play a role in the location, resilience, and thickness of hair.
It is difficult, if not impossible, to predict how many treatments each individual will require to achieve the best long term benefits.

Contact us at to learn more about this procedure. You can also call 604-560-8040 to schedule an appointment with one of our Advanced Laser Technicians.

Using leading edge technologies, light is passed through the skin and absorbed into the hair shaft and follicle. The laser light then changes the hair and follicle.


Cheeks $90 Upper Legs $175
Lip $75 Full Legs $300
Lip & Chin $125 Feet & Toes $75
Chin $65 Hands & Fingers $50
Chin & Neck $150 Woman's Back $250
Full face $200 Small of Back $125
Full face & Neck $250 Buttocks $150
Ears $50    
BODY   Men's Chest $170
Forearms $125 Men's Chest & Abs $300
Upper Arms $125 Men's Abs $170
Full Arms $200 Men's Back & Shoulders $450
Under Arms $85 Lower Back $155
Areola $75 Foremans $150
Back of Neck $100 Upper Arms $160
Full Abdomen $125 Buttocks $200
Linea $75 Full neck $150
Bikini Line $95 Upper Back & Shoulders $325
French Bikini $125 Full Arms $280
Brazilian Bikini $175 Thighs $260
Lower Legs $150 Full Legs $450


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